High Country Hunter

The name says it all we build this rifle for hunters wanting a very packable rifle that is suited for those long range shots you will find while hunting the Higher elevations. Built with a light premium titanium action, carbon fiber barrel, and carbon fiber stock to manage weight for ease of packing this makes this rifle a true light weight 1000 yd high country dream.

rifle only $5,600.00

Action Lone Peak Arms Razor Titanium. Available in right or left handed
Barrel Proof Research Carbon Fiber Sendero 22”, 24” ,26”
Stock Manners Composite Stocks EH1
Trigger TriggerTech
Muzzle Brake Hawkins Precision 3 Port
Bottom Metals Hawkins Precision hinged floor plate and extended Wyatt’s magazine box
Finish Cerakote (variety of colors available)
Long Action Calibers Available 6.5-284 Norma, 280 Ackley Improved, 7mm Rem. Magnum, 300 Win Mag., 28 Nosler, 30 Nosler, 300 PRC, 338 Edge
XM/Intermediate Calibers Available 6.5 PRC, 6.5 SAUM, 300 WSM, 7 SAUM
Short Action Calibers Available 6 mm Creedmoor, 6 mm XC, 6.5x47 Lapua, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 6.5 SAUM, 300 WSM, 7 SAUM
Weight 6-6.5lbs
Guaranteed Accuracy ½ MOA
Build Time 5-6 months


Swarovski Z6i 3-18x50mm BT-4Wi. Weight 21.7oz, elevation adjustment 5.3mils/19moa reticle $2,599.00
Swarovski Z8i 2-16x50mm BT-4Wi. Weight 23.8oz, elevation adjustment 7.0mils/25moa reticle $2,939.00
Leupold VX6iHD 3-18x44 mm side focus 30mm tube. Weight 19.0oz , elevation adjustment 75moa $1,699.00
Leupold VX6iHD 3-18x50mm side focus 30mm tube. Weight 20.4oz, elevation adjustment 75moa. Short Actions or 20 MOA Picatiny Rail on Long Actions $1,799.00