Ole Broomer 6.5 PRC

Your perfect light weight back pack gun for the most demanding Sheep hunt or light weight back pack hunt. With plenty of power and .5moa accuracy already proven with factory ammo this rifle will bring home your once in a life time trophies.


Action Lone Peak Arms Razor Titanium S/A
Barrel Proof Research Stainless Steel Medium Sporter 24"
Stock Fully Pillar Bedded Manners Composite Stocks Ultra Classic
Trigger TriggerTech
Bottom Metal Hawkins Precision hinged floor plate with extended Wyatt’s magazine box 2rds
Finish Cerakote Tungsten
Weight 6 lbs
Guaranteed Accuracy ½ MOA
Blue Mountain Precision - ole4
Blue Mountain Precision - ole2
Blue Mountain Precision - olebr
Blue Mountain Precision - ole3