Extra Surface Area on Brownells Barrel Vise Gives Tremendous Power To Clamp Hold & Even The Tightest Barrel

Machined from solid steel for durability to service the barrel installation and removal needs of any gunsmith for years and years. The exclusive four-bolt system and extra-wide design generate so much holding force, the Brownells Barrel Vise must be firmly bolted to the stoutest bench or an immovable base to realize its full ­potential. Split barrel bushings come in a variety of sizes to fit many popular barrels (and some not-so-common ones) to make this universal Barrel Vise system the very first choice of ­professional gunsmiths.  Aluminum Bushings (sold separately) give a stronghold without risk of marring your barrel.

Follow these simple instructions  on how to install a new prefit barrel


SPECS: Blocks – Steel, blued. Top Block – 4-1⁄2″ (11.4cm) x 3″ (7.6cm) x 1-1⁄2″ (3.8cm). Bottom Block – 7″ (17.7cm) x 3″ (7.6cm) x 1-1⁄8″ (2.8cm). ­Includes 4, 1⁄2″-20 x 2″ Allen head bolts. Bottom block is drilled and countersunk for 1⁄2″ diameter mounting bolts.