The Action of a bolt action rifle is the heart of any rifle. Concentricity starts with every cut on the action being true and concentric to the rifles bore and chamber. We first start with mounting the action in the lathe. By running the mandrel in the bolt raceway absolutely true to the axis of the spindle. After the action is running true the truing process starts. All the cuts that are made to your action are made with it running true to the bolt raceway.

True Action $200.00

  • True Action face and Lap lugs.

Lapping Bolt Lugs $50.00

  • First step inside the action to build a repeatable rifle

Precision Ground GTR pinned recoil lug $95.00

  • Precision ground Pinned recoil lug made by Greg Tannel makes a solid barrel joint and if the barrel is ever removed/install the recoil lug will locate in the same position. Included lug and installation.

Sako Extractor and Installation $160.00

  • BMP will upgrade your Remington 700 extractor for more reliable extractions

Threaded Bolt Knob Conversion $125.00

  • This will add threads to your bolt handle for ease of exchanging bolt knobs to standard and oversized bolt knobs

Wyatt's Box and Installation $175.00

  • Includes
  • all machine work to the action
  • tunning the rifle's feeding
  • rifle dissasembly
  • Wyatt's magazine box
  • applicable only for Remington S/A or Remington L/A

Blue Mountain Precision - Action_work_002

- Blue Printing Action