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Eric Andersen’s roots in Wisconsin instilled in him a strong work ethic from an early age, thanks to his involvement in his father’s farm and construction business. His passion for rifles and firearms was nurtured by his father and older cousin, George, who served as his mentors. From local Trap/Skeet club events to handling his father’s rifles, Eric developed an intimate relationship with guns during his formative years.

His journey reached a pivotal point when he relocated out west in his early twenties. With a persistent desire to enhance rifle performance beyond factory standards, Eric immersed himself in the art of accurizing rifles, experimenting with the boundaries of rifle capabilities and the intricacies of reloading. His endeavors took him to the challenging terrains of Wyoming’s high country, where he pursued big game and hunted coyotes in the desolate Wyoming high deserts. Additionally, his interest in precision shooting competitions introduced him to a whole new dimension of shooting proficiency.

Following this transformative period, Eric made the decision to establish “Blue Mountain Precision” with a singular vision: to craft impeccably accurate rifles. At Blue Mountain Precision, we recognize the paramount importance of meticulous attention to detail and the utilization of top-tier components in rifle craftsmanship. Our continuous engagement with renowned accuracy professionals across the nation allows us to remain abreast of the latest cutting-edge components and industry trends. Our commitment to excellence ensures the consistent production of ¼” to ½” MOA precision rifles.

Our approach hinges on an unwavering dedication to every intricate aspect, maintaining the utmost precision in the rifle’s action and chamber, aligned concentrically with the breech end of the bore. We prioritize meticulous attention to detail in all machining processes and components, central to the fabric of our custom bolt-action rifle builds. With Blue Mountain Precision, you not only receive a comprehensive rifle build service, but also benefit from our expertise in addressing technical inquiries, ensuring the successful fruition of your custom long-range hunting rifle. For those seeking the pinnacle of shooting performance, look no further than the custom-built long-range rifles crafted by Blue Mountain Precision.

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