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Eric Andersen was born and raised in Wisconsin. Working on his dad’s farm and construction company, Eric learned work ethics and common work practices at a very young age. Eric started into rifles and firearms at a very young age with his dad and older cousin George being his mentors. It started with local Trap/Skeet club events and kept going further shooting his dad’s rifles. Eric always had a gun in his hands as a young man.

It all came together for Eric when he moved out west in his early twenties. Eric was always pulling guns apart working on making them shoot better than factory, in his mind factory rifles were never accurate enough. He began accurizing rifles to see how far he could push the limits with his rifles and the elements of reloading. Eric then put these guns to the test hunting the High country of Wyoming for big game and hunting coyotes in the Wyoming high deserts. He also took interest in shooting competition matches and opened a whole new world of precision shooting for himself. He then visited with his family and decided it was time to start “Blue Mountain Precision” for one reason: to build superior accurate rifles!

At “Blue Mountain Precision” we feel that your rifle work needs the highest attention to detail and the best components available. We stay in constant contact with some of our nation’s biggest accuracy professionals keeping our skills sharp and paying attention to the new top of the line leading components and trends. We consistently build ¼” to ½” moa precision rifles. The way we do this is attention to every detail and keeping everything in your rifles action and chamber concentric of the breech end of the bore. Attention to detail in all machining practices and components is key in our custom bolt action rifle builds. With BMP you get a full service rifle build, from help with technical questions to finished success of your custom long range hunting rifle. If you want to shoot the best then you want to shoot custom built long range rifles by BMP!

“I trusted Blue Mountain Precision with a special project: to create a legacy-style rifle suitable for both my 7-year-old son and my 6-foot tall wife with a wingspan like Michael Jordan’s. He did a spectacular job and changed an old gun into a rifle my family will be able to use for generations to come.Whether you are looking to build a particular rifle from the ground up, or just wanting to rework an older rifle, Blue Mountain Precision will do a great job. Eric’s attention to detail and willingness to please will ensure you to get an amazing rifle that shoots great!”

Trent Swanson, SWAROVSKI OPTIK/Kahles - Mountain Territory Sales Rep

“I can’t say enough good things about Blue Mountain Precision and Eric Andersen. I contacted him on behalf of our non-profit organization, Muley Fanatic Foundation, to see if he would be able to build us a rifle for use in our annual banquet. On short notice, not only did Eric build an awesome rifle but he and his wife Olya brought it to our banquet in southwest Wyoming, along with a display of his builds and helped sell it. It was our biggest hit of the banquet and some lucky guy ended up with a shooter! Thanks Blue Mountain Precision, we will continue on with this relationship.”

Chris, Green River, WY

“I’m extremely satisfied with your service and the quality of your product. The gun shoots fantastic! I will recommend Blue Mountain Precision to all of my shooting companions.”

Dwayne, Vernal, UT

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