7 mm PRC Lightweight Rifle


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1 in stock



Caliber – 7 mm PRC

Action – BMP-TAC  L/A, RH, Built By Defiance Machine/ Ruckus hunter

Barrel – Proof Research CF Sendero 1:8 Twist, 22″

Stock – Peak 44, Bastion, Black Carbon,  Pillar Bedded

Hardware – 3 sling studs

Trigger – TriggerTech set at 2 lbs.

Muzzle Brake – Knurled thread cap, 5/8-24 tpi

Bottom Metals – Hawkins Precision M5 Oberndorf

Finish – Cerakote Titanium

Weight – 6 lbs 5 oz.

Rifle Case – Plano rifle case included. Call or email to upgrade to a Custom Soft Case


FFL is required at the time of shipment but NOT the time of order. Please email your preferred FFL to bluemountainprecision@gmail.com


The 7mm PRC custom rifle is a versatile and powerful firearm widely recognized for its exceptional long-range capabilities. Chambered for the popular 7mm PRC cartridge, this rifle delivers impressive velocity, flat trajectory, and superior energy downrange. With a reputation for accuracy and impressive knockdown power, the 7mm PRC is a popular choice among hunters pursuing a wide range of game, from medium-sized game like deer to larger species such as elk and moose. Equipped with a reliable and robust action, a precision barrel, and an adjustable trigger, the 7mm PRC rifle offers shooters the confidence and precision needed for long-distance shots. Whether for hunting or target shooting, this rifle excels in delivering consistent and powerful performance, making it a trusted companion for shooters seeking versatility and reliability in various shooting scenarios.



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