Hawkins Precision Hybrid Rings are a lightweight, direct-mount, robust, 25 MOA solution for your lightweight hunting rifle. CNC-machined in the USA out of a single billet of 6061 aluminum, the Long-Range Hybrid Rings weigh between 3oz and 4oz and feature an anti-cant level cap. These are currently available for Remington 700 Stiller,  and Lone Peak actions with built-in 25 MOA.

Hawkins Precision Hybrid Rings Size Chart

Height from the bottom of the scope to the top of the action Height from the optical center to top of the action

Optic Bell Size

Size 30 mm 34 mm 30 mm 34 mm 30 mm 34 mm
Low 0.5” 0.55” 1.09” 1.22” 40-50 mm 50-52 mm
High 0.6” 0.65” 1.19” 1.32” 50-56mm 52+ mm


More helpful information on how to select the correct ring size and mount the rings find on Hawkins Precision  website

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