.338 Cal. Heavy Comp 1:9.5 Twist Prefit Barrel Includes:

  • Hawk Hill Stainless Steel Barrel chambered in a caliber of your choice
  • Muzzle Threaded 5/8-24 tpi
  • Plastic thread protector included
  • Ready to install on your timed action (action is not included)

Actions we can prefit to:

  • Defiance Machine – AN-Ti, AN-Ti X, Ruckus
  • Impact Precision NBK, 777, 787
  • ARC – Archimedes, Coup-De-Grâce, Mausingfield, Nucleus
  • Terminus Zeus with set screws or without,  Kratos
  • Kelbly’s-  Nanook, Prometheus

Prefitable Actions Overview

Hawk Hill Barrels contours and weights