6.5 mm  Comp 1:8 Twist Prefit Barrel Includes

  • Champion Made for Champions! Custom Rifle Barrel Blanks are made in Oklahoma by Austin Orgain, AG Cup Champion of 2020, NRL Series Champion of 2017, and  PRS Series Champion of 2020 and 2021
  • Custom Rifle Barrel (CRB) Stainless Steel Barrel chambered in a caliber of your choice
  • Muzzle Threaded 5/8-24 tpi
  • Plastic thread protector included
  • Ready to install on your timed action (action is not included)

Actions we can prefit to:

  • Defiance Machine – Tenacity, AN-Ti, AN-Ti X, Ruckus
  • Impact Precision 737, 777, 787, NBK,
  • Zermatt Arms – TL3, SR3, Ti3, Origin
  • ARC – Archimedes, Coup-De-Grâce, Mausingfield, Nucleus
  • Lone Peak Arms- SS Fuzion SA LPF00341 and up
  • Terminus Zeus with set screws or without, Apollo, Apollo Lite/Ti, Kratos
  • Accuracy International – AT-X / AX/ AT
  • Kelbly’s Atlas Tactical “Flat Bolt Nose”, Nanook, Prometheus
  • AeroPrecision Solus (Radial Engraving, will not time)

Prefitable Actions Overview