6 mm Benchmark CF 1:7.5 Twist Sendero Lite 24″ Prefit Barrel


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  • Benchmark Carbon Fiber  Barrel chambered in a caliber of your choice
  • Muzzle Threaded to your order
  • Plastic thread protector included
  • Ready to install on your timed action (action is not included)
  • The breach length after the action face will be 2 1/4″. That includes carbon and some steel. This is applicable for Sendero and Sendero Lite contours.
  • Contact Benchmark for weight information

Benchmark Barrels uses only the highest quality 416R and 4140R carbon steel in the production of our product. This ensures that our barrel is the finest you can put on your rifle. All barrels are individually double hand lapped to a true consistent bore. The manufacturing process also includes double stress relieving and quality control inspection utilizing proprietary methods along with the most accurate industry techniques available.

Actions we can prefit to:

  • Defiance Machine – Tenacity, AN-Ti, AN-Ti X, Ruckus
  • Impact Precision 737, NBK,
  • Zermatt Arms – TL3, SR3, Ti3, Origin
  • ARC – Archimedes, Coup-De-Grâce, Mausingfield, Nucleus
  • Lone Peak Arms- SS Fuzion SA LPF00341 and up
  • Terminus Zeus with set screws or without, Apollo, Apollo Lite/Ti, Kratos
  • Accuracy International – AT-X / AX/ AT
  • Kelbly’s Atlas Tactical “Flat Bolt Nose”, Nanook, Prometheus
  • AeroPrecision Solus (Radial Engraving, will not time)


Prefitable Actions Overview






Additional information


Accuracy International – AT-X / AX/ AT, AeroPrecision Solus (Radial engraving, will not time), ARC Archimedes, ARC Coup-De-Grâce, ARC Mausingfield, ARC Nucleus, Defiance Machine anTi, Defiance Machine anTi-X, Defiance Machine Ruckus, Defiance Machine Tenacity, Impact Precision 737, Impact Precision NBK, Kelbly's Atlas Tactical "Flat Bolt Nose", Kelbly's Nanook, Kelbly's Prometheus, LPA Fuzion SS Action s/n LPF00341 and above and FZ numbers, Terminus Apollo, Terminus Apollo Lite/Ti, Terminus Kratos, Terminus Zeus with set screws (Quick Change), Terminus Zeus without set screws (Thread Recess), Zermatt Arms Origin, Zermatt Arms SR3 SA or MED, Zermatt Arms SR3 LA, Zermatt Arms Ti3 SA or MED, Zermatt Arms Ti3 LA, Zermatt Arms TL3 SA or MED, Zermatt Arms TL3 LA


6 mm BR – FB .120, 6 mm BRA – FB .130, 6 mm Dasher – FB .183, 6 mm Dasher – FB .135, 6 mm Dasher – FB .130 (Neck Turn), 6 mm BRX – FB .135, 6 mm GT – FB .120, 6 mm GT – FB .130, 6 mm ARC – FB .090, 6 mm XC (Tubb) – FB 0.135, .243 Win (SAAMI), 6 mm Creedmoor – FB .135, 6 mm Creedmoor (SAAMI) – FB .183, 6×47 Lapua – FB .130, 6×47 Lapua (Neck Turn) – FB .105

Muzzle Thread

1/2-28 tpi, 9/16-24 tpi, 5/8-24 tpi


Stainless, Bead Blast, Cerakote

Cerakote Color

None, keep it stainless, Cerakote Black, Cerakote Tungsten, Cerakote OD Green, Cerakote Sniper Gray, Cerakote FDE, Cerakote Copper Brown, Cerakote Midnight Bronze, Cerakote Coyote Tan, Cerakote Burnt Bronze, Cerakote Titanium, Cerakote Disruptive Gray, Cerakote Copper Bronze, Cerakote Swamp Rat, Cerakote Gun Metal Bronze


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