Bedding Action In Pillared Stock Or Aluminium Block Stock


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Proper pillar bedding is a crucial aspect of rifle accuracy and performance, especially in precision shooting and hunting applications.

Enhanced Accuracy: Pillar bedding helps maintain consistent and precise contact between the rifle’s action (the receiver and barrel) and the stock. This consistent contact minimizes shifts in the point of impact caused by changes in pressure and stress on the stock during recoil. As a result, it enhances accuracy by reducing the potential for barrel-to-stock contact or other inconsistencies that can affect shot placement.

Consistency: Pillar bedding ensures that the action is bedded consistently, which is critical for repeatable accuracy. When the action is properly bedded, the rifle will perform more predictably from shot to shot, making it easier for the shooter to maintain tight groupings.

Reduced Recoil: Proper bedding can help distribute recoil forces more evenly throughout the stock, reducing the chances of stock splitting or cracking. This not only extends the life of the rifle but also makes it more comfortable to shoot, especially in high-recoil calibers.

Improved Barrel Harmonics: Barrel harmonics, or the vibrations that occur in the barrel when a shot is fired, can significantly impact accuracy. Pillar bedding can help control these vibrations by ensuring the barrel remains in consistent contact with the stock, which can lead to better shot-to-shot consistency and tighter groups.

Stress Reduction: Without proper bedding, stress points can develop in the stock, which can lead to warping or distortion over time. Pillar bedding helps distribute stress more evenly, reducing the likelihood of stock deformities and maintaining the rifle’s accuracy over its lifespan.

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For stocks that have pre-cut pillar holes, pre-installed pillars or aluminium block style stocks. Included cutting pillar to length, bedding, and free-floating barrel.


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