Hawkins Precision M5 Oberndorf bottom metals are born from our famous Oberndorf bottom metal, with one exception, they fit a standard M5 inlet. This bottom metal is precision CNC machined, lightweight, and designed for Wyatt extended length box magazines. They feature a reversible and adjustable mag/floorplate catch and have a thicker floorplate that provides less spring pressure and added reliability when loading 3 Ultra mag cartridges. These are the perfect pairing for your M5 inletted hunting stock. Will not fit a BDL inlet stock.

Available for Remington 700 (and REM 700 clone) actions in Short, Medium (Lone Peak/Zermatt/Stiller/Defiance XM+) and Long Action cut for a Wyatt box mag
Verify your action is cut for a Wyatt’s Outdoors Extended Box. Contact the manufacturer.

Long Action Weight – 3.8 oz
Short Action Weight – 3.2 oz