Zermatt/Bighorn RimX Barreled Action .22LR  includes:

  • Zermatt/Bighorn Arms RimX action
  • Benchmark Stainless Steel Barrel chambered in .22 LR.
  • Knurled Muzzle cap
  • One 10 rd Magazine
  • Black cerakote finish of the barrel (optional)

The Zermatt Arms RIMX rimfire action is the newest addition to their line of precision machined bolt actions. This action was designed to fill a gap for more cost-effective, real feel training while maintaining our high levels of quality and dimensional tolerance control.

Like the Origin and TL3/SR3 actions, the RIMX follows the same Remington 700 style footprint to allow for easy fitment to stocks and chassis along with the use of R700 style triggers.


Zermatt/Bighorn RimX Barreled Action .22LR is a great tool to compete in  NRL22 matches!