Set-up Package for New Rifles


The Ultimate long-range/ Precision set up for your next BMP rifle. Take your rifle’s load development to a new level. The load development itself starts after 50 rounds are shot through the rifle.  All aspects of precision hand loading are taken into effect to make your rifle excel at distances past you thought you could ever shoot. All rifles get shot out past the limits of their effective range so Ballistic coefficients are maximized for your new BMP rifle. Our range has no limits of distance for Data purposes. When you hear Eric say shoot straight you will know what he means. Eliminate you and rely on quality top-notch load development and true ballistics on your Blue Mountain Precision rifle.

We carry a selection of many bullets/supplies and can accommodate most of all needs. From 22 cal to 30 cal we have you covered.



*Only BMP rifles qualify for this service.

*All 300 RUM, 33 XC, Norma Magnums, 338 Edges, Lapua, and other oversized magnum calibers have an additional $200 charge. All larger calibers are discussed on a case-by-case basis. Thank you



This service will be provided only for a new rifle built by Blue Mountain Precision with the purchase of an optic.

Set up package includes

• New Rifle Brake-In (ammo included)

• Load Development/ Load Verification at long range * Load available after 100 purchased rounds of ammo over the 40 rounds in this package.

-Free scope mounting if the scope is purchased from BMP.

-The rifle will leave here with 100-140 rounds of ammo shot through the rifle to ensure the load doesn’t change.

• Scope Data (ammo included) and One Turret (or Personalized Ballistic Ring)

• Custom BMP soft Case with divider and custom bags for storage inside. This fits inside any Pelican or SKB case with 51″ OAL with foam removed. When you get to your destination you have the Ultimate soft gun case. View this in the custom rifle section.

• 40 Rounds of Custom Ammo



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