What does the UBRC do for its members?
Lowers the cost of your matches and lets you shoot more. 25$ price break on all PRS 1 day matches.
Covers all insurances on any place we will hold a match at.
Purchases AR 500 Targets for the sole purpose to put on matches for you and then decides what we need.
Covers range fees for all events.
Trains their members on gun safety and how to become a precision-minded shooter.
Bonds riflemen to be solid in their roots as competitive shooters and welcomes club members in from all regions and states that surround its area.

 December 13th UPDATE:

The first UBRC match was a lot of fun! Thank you all who participated, helped, sponsored, photographed, and supported in any way!

As it was mentioned at the safety brief, UBRC tracks its own members points and regular match scores throughout the year. This is percentage based of the UBRC top winner based on 100 points per match. Taking your top 3 scores for the season.  And at the end of the season, we will have our own finale worth max points of 200 for the winner. This finale will also have a spectacular prize table for the club members only. This is based on a total of 500 points max available much like the PRS. But this is different than PRS scoring because of the UBRC club points you can accrue thru the season. The top UBRC Club winner in any regular season’s match benefits from Higher possible points then other prs only competitors above him or her. See example…

Example: Tommy shot and placed 3rd at the regular season UBRC/Regional PRS match and at the awards he received the 1st place UBRC club trophy for that match his hit percentage was 94.73% of the winner of PRS only match competitor who was not a UBRC club member. Tommy receives 100 pts for UBRC club and 94.73% towards his PRS regional points. This benefits all club members towards end of the year ranking towards the Finale and gives the 1st place club guy a nice trophy at any regular season matches. Simply put if a non-UBRC member wins then the 100-point win for the Club member goes to the first club member no matter his placement in the match.

This year we will have 50 spots available in the club. Registration each year will be from November 15th until February 15th. At that end date that is how many members you must shoot against for the year. This year since it’s the first year we will run registration until April 15th so we can gain members over the first 3 matches of the year. This will only be for one year as we grow members.

Considering this is a brand-new club and we just had our first match we have decided to allow anyone who shot in the match on December 11th to become a club member within a week of today. December 20th is the last day to become a club member and to claim the points from December 11th match towards the UBRC finale. Typical time limits for making your points count by becoming a UBRC member will be 7 days after a match.