The Zermatt Arms RIMX rimfire action is the newest addition to their line of precision machined bolt actions. A true to scale Remington 700 footprint rimfire action designed for training and competition. This action was designed to fill a gap for more cost-effective, real feel training while maintaining our high levels of quality and dimensional tolerance control.

Like the Origin and TL3/SR3 actions, the RIMX follows the same Remington 700 style footprint to allow for easy fitment to stocks and chassis along with the use of R700 style triggers.

Zermatt/Bighorn RimX Barreled Action .22LR is a great tool to compete in  NRL22 matches!

Couple it with one of our Rifire Prefit Barrels for a complete barreled action!

Zermatt Arms RimX action will ship with ONE 10 round aluminum magazine.

FFL is required at the time of shipment but NOT the time of order.