The echoes of excitement and speculation within the firearms community have finally found resolution as it’s unveiled that Austin Orgain, a luminary in the competitive shooting world, is the visionary behind the acquisition of barrel-making equipment of Hawk Hill Customs.  Orgain not only secured the equipment but also underwent personal training from Shawn Burkholden, the former owner of Hawk Hill Customs, who entrusted him with the legacy and craftsmanship that defined Hawk Hill Customs. This collaboration has led to the establishment of a fresh brand, “Custom Rifle Barrels”, promising a new era characterized by precision and innovation.

Austin Orgain brings to Custom Rifle Barrels an unparalleled background in competitive shooting, having established himself as a force to be reckoned with. Boasting a remarkable two-time Precision Rifle Series (PRS) championship title and holding the highest total accumulated PRS points over the past seven years, Orgain is undeniably a giant in the realm of competitive long-range shooting.

His achievements speak volumes: Orgain clinched the PRS Overall Season Champion titles in both 2020 and 2021, showcasing a level of consistency and skill that is unparalleled in the precision rifle shooting world. Orgain also secured the 2017 National Rifle League (NRL) Season Champion title and emerged victorious in the prestigious 2020 Armageddon Gear Cup (AG Cup), an annual rifle match renowned for its substantial cash payout and ability to attract the best talent in the field.

In the words of many within the community, if there’s one name that has consistently dominated precision rifle shooting over the past 5-7 years, it undoubtedly belongs to Austin Orgain. With this impressive track record, the firearms community eagerly anticipates the mark he will make on Custom Rifle Barrels.

As the curtain rises on this new chapter, enthusiasts are poised for groundbreaking developments, expecting nothing short of excellence from Custom Rifle Barrels under the stewardship of Austin Orgain. The melding of precision craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and Orgain’s unparalleled shooting prowess is bound to set a new standard in the custom firearms industry.

We at Blue Mountain Precision are very excited to add Custom Rifle Barrels to our line of  prefit barrels

left to right: Gary Dean, Andy Hawkins, Austin Orgain, Eric Andersen / Photo Circa 2017