We at Blue Mountain Precision along with National Rifle League are proud and excited to be a part of this amazing program that will give anyone the opportunity to compete in any of the NRL matches without having to own a custom rifle.

This is how it works:
If you are new to precision rifle shooting or you have a factory rifle and you want to come out to one of the NRL matches, the NRL will loan you this custom rifle. If you want to try it out – email NRL at prforce@nationalrifleleague.org and let them know that you want to borrow it.

We chambered the rifle in common competition 6.5 Creedmoor and built it on custom components donated by manufacturers and enthusiasts to help promote the shooting sport.

“This isn’t a competition where people are looking to crush each other’s souls – it is a competition that felt as if everyone was lifting each other up to see what could be achieved by the squad as a whole, not individuals” said Chris Way, author of this article and the first shooter who borrowed the rifle to shoot at the Mile High Shootout match in Craig, CO. In the article Chris shares some of the insights of his first national match.  We wish him and anyone who borrows the rifle in future matches best of luck!